Success with the Program

I am writing to congratulate you on the web based Egg Management System. I am elated with its convenience and with the ease that it takes to enter the information. That's saying a lot coming from a complete illiterate when it comes to computers! Someone said that we need to measure to be able to manage... Well this program has taken all the pain out of the measuring part and with the reports that I have been able to produce, much of the management is done as well.

Producer 2, VIC


We have been testing the Egg Management System since Sept 2012. Once I got the hang of it I found it easy.  There was helpful support from the developers, to help me understand the data entry. Feedback was invited regularly. Nearly everything that is recorded manually, is in this electronic system. Once graphs are added, I can see potential to use the information to pick up problems straight away.

Producer 1, NSW

Bottom Line Benefits

We realised the value of implementing Egg Management System principles in our farming operations three years ago.  We are now seeing the bottom line benefits in flocks that are diligently following the “measurement, improvement, profit” model.

Producer 1, VIC

Measureable Returns

We used the principles of the Egg Management System to improve the number of eggs into cartons in our grading operation, and it has benefitted our business by giving us measureable returns whilst not giving up the traditional K.P.Is.

Grading 1, NSW