Free Online Training

We are offering FREE ONLINE TRAINING to all new clients.

Via Skype, we will step you through:

  • Easily entering your weekly actual information.
  • Simple steps to generate any key flock performance reports.
  • Relating your bottom line benefits to the iEggBiz information gained.

Free Online Training

THE EGG INDUSTRY HAS CHANGED! In recent times the egg industry has evolved significantly. New welfare housing standards for birds in cages, barns and free range have been written. Local councils, state authorities and federal regulators are more demanding. New standards for food safety, quality, biosecurity and environmental care are being enforced. Some previously considered as "backyard" operations are now being forced to evolve to businesses that demonstrate commitment to the above standards. All shareholders in the egg industry now expect this.

LET US DO THE RECORDKEEPING FOR YOU! Some egg producers may struggle with the recordkeeping aspects of the business. Keeping records is obviously critical. One business quote states that "you can't manage what you don't measure". And that's so true. That's why we built Integrated EggBiz - to do the recordkeeping for you!  Simple flock reports, such as egg production, feed consumption and mortality, are generated and viewed by clicking on a button. Comparisons with breed standards are automatic. No more hundreds of sheets of paper!

WE ANALYSE YOUR DATA FOR YOU! Some egg producers may struggle with analysing the production information. Integrated EggBiz does that for you and produces flock and farm reports showing you key performance indicators. Reports include feed and labour cost costs per dozen eggs, and cost of production. Currently the rearing and the laying modules are available.

WE CARE! Integrated EggBiz is a great way to enter into a low cost, mutually beneficial business partnership. We care about our customers.

Integrated EggBiz was created by Abe Moses. Abe is a Rural Science graduate from the University of New England (UNE).  Abe has had 21 years of experience in quality and continuous improvement consulting in the egg industry. Integrated EggBiz was an initiative of his business Inspired Intentions P/L.

The website was designed and the software written by the team at Interactive Eagles P/L. See more at Interactive Eagles - Drupal expertise for website development and data tracking.